What Services Does Hospice Provide?

What Services Does Hospice Provide?Hospice care is provided by a specialized team of end of life care professionals and the combination of services will differ based on each patient’s need. End of life medical care, emotional care, medications, spiritual care, volunteer support, and grief counseling can all be provided through hospice services. To meet all these different needs our hospice team is made up of a medical director, nurses, a chaplain, social workers, transition coordinators, and volunteers.

Depending on the patient’s needs, we can provide the following services.

  • Doctor services
  • Nursing care
  • Medical equipment (hospital beds, wheelchairs or walkers)
  • Medical supplies (bandages and catheters)
  • Medications to control pain and other symptoms
  • Social worker services to help with the Medicare paperwork
  • Emotional and spiritual counseling to help the patient and family with grief and loss

Pain and symptom management is typically a big focus of hospice care. Our medical staff has years of experience helping patients deal with pain and accompanying symptoms that come as patients enter the final stages of life. This can be accomplished by a strategic medication plan, routine checkups, and, most importantly, listening to the patient’s needs.

One of the biggest differentiating features of hospice care is bereavement and counseling. These services are intended to help the patient and their family cope with the emotional symptoms of a loved one passing away.