distressed and mourning man

Mortuary Services Can Be a Huge Expense

Many will end up spending more for funeral expenses for a loved one than they will for a car. Still, how many of us would feel that they were well suited to go car shopping immediately after a close loved one has passed away? Every decision would be filtered through grief and there’s little doubt that one’s judgment could be questioned. In the same way, waiting until the passing of a loved one to shop for final arrangements has a similar effect. People simply aren’t good at making the best money decisions when under major emotional distress.

Shopping After Passing Leaves One Wondering

Keeping in line with the car-buying analogy, how comfortable would you be buying a brand new car for a loved one who had never spoken a word about what they value in a car? You would simply have to think about their personality and essentially make a series of guesses. Do they like a sportier car or a luxury sedan? Would they prefer an environmentally-friendly electric car or would they actually be happier riding a bicycle? Any decision you’d make would still leave you to lie awake in bed at night, wondering if you had made the right the right decision. However, if they simply told you what you’d want, this would immediately streamline the entire process. This is what you can do for those you leave behind.

Your Choice Will Always Be Your Choice

One of the reasons people tend to purchase some of the highest-priced mortuary services and products are to “properly” honor their loved ones. If that loved one could see the itemized receipt for all of these products and services, they may not approve of such expense on their part — especially if the person paying had to go into debt in order to do so. However, one way to guarantee that one would approve of it is for the person to actually approve of it before they pass away — that person is you. When you make your own arrangements, not only are your loved one’s not essentially “car shopping in the dark” for you, but the expenses can even be negotiated. Yes, you can haggle for your own mortuary arrangements without appearing “cheap.” No one can argue with what you want or the budget of your final wishes.

To ensure you or your loved ones ability to pass on in as much comfort, grace, and dignity as possible, the hospice professionals from Cura HPC offer nurturing care. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss what options are available — either for the immediate or distant future.