Hospice Formulary

A formulary is a term that applies to hospices, hospitals, and any other facility capable of offering prescription medication. The term refers to the list of medications a hospice will keep on hand and can offer to their patients. When a patient is in need of prescription medication, the doctor will check the formulary to see what the options are, and prescribe the appropriate medication. 

A larger formulary is better for patients because it gives them more options for medication. At Cura-HPC, we have an open formulary. This means our medical director can go outside of the predefined list of medications if they feel it’s best for the patient. 

This is great news for our patients because they’ll never be restricted to a list of medications that are covered by the hospice benefit. We can offer medications from multiple brands, suppliers, and vendors. We strongly feel this is in the patient’s best interest, and that’s why we offer this service. 

Under a closed formulary, patients might have to settle for less than optimal medication because the formulary doesn’t include the best medication for them. When considering a hospice provider for your loved one, a large, or preferably open, formulary needs to be on your list of criteria. 

Although medication is only a small part of the hospice service, it will have a large impact on the quality of life your loved one will experience while receiving hospice care. If you’re in search of a hospice provider, or have questions about how a formulary can affect patients, call Cura-HPC today.