Early Signs of Dementia

Memory loss is the most commonly thought of symptom associated with dementia. However, this doesn’t mean dementia is the cause of all memory loss in elderly people. In order for dementia to be the true cause, there needs to be memory loss and trouble with one of the following issues:

  • Focus
  • Reasoning
  • Language
  • Communication

There are many early signs of dementia you can be looking out for. If you start to notice any of the following signs with your loved ones, talk with your doctor about what you can do to slow the progression of dementia.

Short-term Memory Loss

It may not be very obvious when it starts, but pay attention to times that they can’t remember things they did the day before or even earlier today. Odds are they’ll be able to recall events from the past easily, but more recent events will be hard to recollect.

Finding the Right Word

We’ve all had those moments when the right word seems to escape us. These moments will become more and more common as dementia progresses. Conversations may start to take longer because your loved one is frequently having trouble finding the words they need to explain what they’re thinking.

Mood Swings

If your loved one is typically shy, but then suddenly becomes very outgoing, it might be a sign of dementia. This condition affects judgment, so major mood swings and personality changes are typical.


Hobbies and activities that used to really interest them might suddenly seem boring. They might not have the energy or desire to get out and do activities anymore.


One of the tell-tale signs of dementia is difficulty understanding stories and conversations. This happens because they’re having trouble understanding the meaning of the words being used and can’t understand what’s happening.

Repetition and Collection

Repeating daily tasks, like showering, and collecting random objects are both strong signs of dementia setting in. Typically, patients do this because they don’t remember showering the first time.

While there’s no cure for dementia, it can be mitigated, especially if it’s caught early. Use these signs to spot dementia before it takes full effect.