One of the best parts of living in this day and age is that there’s an app for almost everything, including estate planning. These apps can’t replace the expertise of an estate planning lawyer, but they can help you organize your thoughts and make things a little more convenient for your surviving relatives.


This app creates one convenient and secure place to store necessary documents for end-of-life planning. Passwords, wills, funeral preferences, and other important documents can all be easily found by your loved ones after you pass away. Everplans also uses a few simple questions to help you create a checklist of all the necessary documents you need for a robust estate plan.


Similar to filling out an online dating profile, Cake uses a series of simple questions pertaining to post-mortem preferences and you can either swipe left to answer no, or swipe right for yes. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, Cake will help you create an estate plan that reflects your answers.


This app has less to do with the legal side of estate planning, and more to do with the emotional side. With SafeBeyond, you can create written or video messages for your surviving family members that will be automatically delivered at certain dates, events, or locations. For example, a father who knows he will die before his daughter’s wedding can record a video message that she can watch on her wedding day. SafeBeyond can also deliver a final message on social media so you can say goodbye to all your friends.

Again, you’ll need to consult a lawyer to have a strong and thorough estate plan. These apps should only be used as a starting point to get the ball rolling. Although no one likes to think about estate planning, it is vitally important to ensure your final wishes are met and your assets will be bequeathed properly.